Friday, November 6, 2009

flowers flowers and more flowers!!

hey ppl!

how ya'll doing?hope everyone's fine.hehehe...notice the positive aura?
well its been a pretty good week la despite the fact that time just flew.first time in a long time i feel time passing so fast.well.first of all i have a massive big announcement to make!


and how did i get the spider?
well..i was having class and suddenly there was a knock on the door..jeng jeng jeng!!
and a girl's head popped around the corner and asked if she could see me.
and so i went out to see what it was...
can u guess?
i went out to a bunch of girls and theres this really small girl holding a bouquet of roses towards me saying :this is for you!
and i was like..wth!wtf!hahahaa..wats my mom gonna say?!hahaha..cos i cant hide it from her and im sure gonna get tons of questions!!!n yes.very ma fan la.i had to carry the thing wearing heels all the way to usj 2 and climb the stairs go down the stairs and waited for my mom.she was nowhere to be seen!so i had to stand there for awhile la.n when my mom came she saw the flowers and she was like so shocked!n she was like who gave u?from where?wats his name?all kinds of things la.

oh ya.ok.this guy is quite sweet la.cos he found out i like tulips and he searched around just for tulips.hahahaha!!but he cudnt find any..:( awww...
so he got me roses instead.and inside the bouquet there was a container!!and LO AND BEHOLD!!!there was a SPIDER inside!!!my baby tarantula!!!!!!my one and only hunnay bunnay!!!!

im gonna watch it grow!!eat!!shit!everything!!!ahaahaah!!!im gonna love this lil baby!!
my son/daughter!!!watever!!hahahaha!!!
i love you simone baby!!!

oh ya.i got sumthing else to say..i was out with this really hot guy!!!hahahah..and hes hot indeed.=D
i shall go now.bye~~~


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