Friday, November 6, 2009

flowers flowers and more flowers!!

hey ppl!

how ya'll doing?hope everyone's fine.hehehe...notice the positive aura?
well its been a pretty good week la despite the fact that time just flew.first time in a long time i feel time passing so fast.well.first of all i have a massive big announcement to make!


and how did i get the spider?
well..i was having class and suddenly there was a knock on the door..jeng jeng jeng!!
and a girl's head popped around the corner and asked if she could see me.
and so i went out to see what it was...
can u guess?
i went out to a bunch of girls and theres this really small girl holding a bouquet of roses towards me saying :this is for you!
and i was like..wth!wtf!hahahaa..wats my mom gonna say?!hahaha..cos i cant hide it from her and im sure gonna get tons of questions!!!n yes.very ma fan la.i had to carry the thing wearing heels all the way to usj 2 and climb the stairs go down the stairs and waited for my mom.she was nowhere to be seen!so i had to stand there for awhile la.n when my mom came she saw the flowers and she was like so shocked!n she was like who gave u?from where?wats his name?all kinds of things la.

oh ya.ok.this guy is quite sweet la.cos he found out i like tulips and he searched around just for tulips.hahahaha!!but he cudnt find any..:( awww...
so he got me roses instead.and inside the bouquet there was a container!!and LO AND BEHOLD!!!there was a SPIDER inside!!!my baby tarantula!!!!!!my one and only hunnay bunnay!!!!

im gonna watch it grow!!eat!!shit!everything!!!ahaahaah!!!im gonna love this lil baby!!
my son/daughter!!!watever!!hahahaha!!!
i love you simone baby!!!

oh ya.i got sumthing else to say..i was out with this really hot guy!!!hahahah..and hes hot indeed.=D
i shall go now.bye~~~


Friday, October 30, 2009

i cant wait!!hope nothing comes in the way!

hi everyone!!guess wat?shasha is happy again!!!
u noe y?u noe y?!u wanna noe?
cos im getting a spider!!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its gonna be a mexican red knee!!!omgomg!!
im gonna care for that lil darling like my own lil child.its gonna be my baby,my boyfriend,my family!but its gonna hv a girls gonna name it SIMONE!!!
and this baby can grow up to 8 freaggin' inches!!
this is how she will look.well..its not her.but its frm google.hehe..
say HELLO to the lil baby!

oh isnt she adorable?
after her a snake!i still want a snake!always will!i heart reptiles!
ok where did i learn to love these lil creatures?frm the one and only steve irwin!!!remember him?the great crocodile hunter!!too bad he passed away.i always wanted to meet him and visit his zoo.stupid sting ray!haha..this is him with his family.the kids are adorable!

yes the good ol steve!i miss him.:(


Friday, October 23, 2009


i was right.i got that smart.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

stupid stupid shasha!

day 1
i was on cloud 9!!!life couldnt get any better!

day 2
kept me night didnt reply msges or return/pick calls.

still no calls or msges.fine bitch!!
im so scared.i dont knoe who to scared im gonna get hurt again n again n again.y is life like this?y is it so unfair?dammit i didnt start it!i didnt even wanna get to noe you to begin with!i cant take a hint!cos each time u gimme a hint i just get more confused!!so if theres really something u wanna say just bloody say it already u freaggin slut!!!to my fucking face!!i hate much..:(
shasha hates u.but will always accept u back if u wanna come back and thats why i hate myself.aarrgghh!!accept u back so i can end up getting hurt again.fall for lies so that i can hurt myself again!go through pain, tears and humilliation depressing..:(
me no likey..
how am i ever gonna be myself again?

i should keep my options open.but then again..i dun have many options.i was just loving single life!n u have to come and ruin everything.EVERYTHING!!ouch.pain.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

death is harder

i don't know if i'm going insane.but i'm so tempted to commit suicide's giving me hell.classes are gonna start soon and im definitely not looking forward to it.and right now i find myself sitting in front of this screen next to a knife.i weighed my options.
i can hang myself-im too short to hang myself to anything
slit my wrists
jump down a building-im afraid of heights
poison-too dramatic =.='
so i figured i'll go for slitting my wrists.cos if i run away..where do i run to?sometimes dying is mom always tells me im gonna learn the hard way.when she dies i'll learn.has it ever crossed your mind that i may die first mom?i've done everything today.clean my room, the chores and even sharpen the knife.
i wanna feel the warmth of my blood spilling down into my palms.i wanna slowly slip away as my whole life flashes before me.i just wanna die.

how would you like coming home to your daughter lying in a pool of blood on the floor?
i'm sure you'll love it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

jay dee's advance bday

hi everyone!i hv exam on tuesday!*screams* but but but...i went out celebrate jd's bday in advance!more like i was forced to go la.haha..but no regrets yo!omg the whole while we were in the car on the way to PUTRAJAYA, all 5 of us were reminiscing bout the good ol' days in school.and who r the 5?
and our galfren!!(PRABU!!!)

and of course me la.
we din noe the way to alamanda so jade wound down the window to ask this couple in the car beside us.n the lady said follow us.we're going there now.she spoke in malay la.we were like omg!so fortunate man.hahaha..
there was so much screaming and laughing in the car and it was so fun.making fun of prabu.when we finally reached alamanda, we stood in the mall in front of the directory and stared blankly.hahaha..had no idea where to we called the one person we came all the way there for..the one and only hazri asraf bin zainuddin!!
after he came, we walked to mcds and sat there so jd could eat.
after that we just walked around, laughed, ran, made a fool of ourselves(well,more like myself) on the escalator and poked boobies.i duno wats up with jade n booby poking.she enjoys it!and she spread the booby poking syndrome to me as well.hahaha..n our victim was elibird!!hahahaha...cos shes like so soft n delicate n wun kena us back so we kena her la.hahaha..

before we left, we went to BR to find sumthin out.jade asked me to ask.
me: hi.excuse me.may i noe who's the manager here?
the only guy at the counter:looks at me like as if im an idiot and says..i am.
hahaha...omg!in my face man!hahaha...but like..i duno..jade wanted to noe if her former manager worked there cos she heard she transfered to alamanda.haha..but i think she left already.oh well.
so after that embarassment we went to buy famous amos cookies n left to go to the dataran.since G noes the way, we asked him to show directions la.this guy led us to a mamak.hahahaha..n we were like WTH?!this is no dataran!hahahha..then hes like oh!u wanna go dataran ah?i thought shisha! he led the way to the dataran la.when we reached there..we took pics, ran around, sat in the middle of a star and talked n talked n talked.seriously enjoyed that time.

after all that we went to send G back to bangi and reached home bout 11.40.but got scolding frm my parents.hahaha..cos they duno i went to putrajaya.think i went to pyramid.ssshh...
oh sry sry daddy...i luv ya'll.but if i told u where i was going u wudnt hv let me go.cos u dun think its safe.but im dun worry so much.:)

n i ended up sleeping at 2 sumthing.woke up today and supposed to study.and im going now.

i jz wanna say..i miss u guys so much la..i wish i could see ya'll more often.ive had a horrible week n u guys really changed everything.thanks a bunches!luv ya'll!
im glad jade had fun too.thats the most important thing.cos it was all bout u ytd!have a nice birthday dear!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

i should write a story bout my life.bout how many heartbreaks i've had.bout how stupid i am.i HATE myself!completely hate myself.but it'll be stupid of me to kill myself over a guy.hes not worth it.but sumtimes i find no worth in living.wat do i get frm being able to live everyday?i get to cry.get to see ppl die.get to see ppl cry.get in everything i do.fall for shit so easily.

i hate myself.